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Rolling Roof

Our rolling roof sludge containers allow you to safely transport hazardous liquids from the job site to the land fill. Our spring lifting rolling roof system has two sliding roof doors.These create an opening of 81" x 127" for loading hazardous waste. A sealed tailgate is located on the back for safely unloading sludge. These sludge containers are built in a variety of size and weight configurations depending on your needs.

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Product Specs: 

Floor Plate: 3/16" Sheet (upgrade available)

Cross Members: 3" Structural Channel on 12" Centers

Side Rails: 3" Structural Channel

Gussets: On every channel

Main Rails: 6"x 2"x1/4" Structural Tubing

Wheels: 8"x8" Heavy Duty Ground Rollers Front & Rear

Wheel Brackets: 1/2" Plate

Wheel Axles: 1-1/2" Solid Round with Grease Fittings on rear

Bull Noses: 1-5/8" Plate

Guide Rollers: 4"x4" Solid tubing with grease fittings

Roller Arms: 1/2" Plate

Roller Axles: 1-15/16" Round Bar with Grease Fittings

Hook Plate: 1/2" Plate 12"x38" Welded Solid Rail to Rail

Cable Hook: 1-1/4" Inserted through hook plate, and welded fully on both sides

Side Sheets: 10 Gauge

Side Posts/Rear Frame: 2"x6" side post, 3"x9" Rear post

Top Rails: 4"X3"X11 Gauge Structural Tubing

Tailgate Sheet: 10 Gauge

Door Framing: 4"X3"X3/16" Gauge Structural Tubing

Reinforcing: 4"X3"X11 Gauge Structural Tubing

Hinge Plates: 4" x 4" Flat Bar with slotted sleeves

Hinge Sleeves: 1-3/4"x 4.5" Heavy Duty Tubing (5/16"wall with Grease fittings)

Hinge Pins: 1-1/4"x 5" Solid Round Bar

Gate System: 1/2" Heavy Duty Self Aligning Vertical Lift with 3 Independent Ratchet Binders with chains

Safety Chain: 1/8" w/ Receptors on both sides

Gate Aligner: 1/2" Plate

Roof / Tailgate Seal: Petroleum Resistant Rubber Gasket Seal

Roof Lids: (2) 3" x 4" Tubing Frame and 10 Gauge Sheet Rolling Tops (63" x 81")

Roof Opening: Opening 82" x 127"

Container Type: 
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