Roll-Offs & Hooklifts

Compactor receiver containers are designed to allow a mechanical compactor to be installed. They can be used in retail and commercial settings to efficiently recycle cardboard and paper waste.

Recycling Container

We at Friesen's Welding build a wide variety of containers. A few of the custom built containers that we have done are Enclosed Tool Containers, Dump-bed Containers, Chipper Boxes, Water-tights, or standard containers with split tailgates (Barn Door style) or Dump Truck style tailgates, Grain/Coal Slides, Center Dividers, etc.  If you are looking for a "special" container, Let us take your need and make it a reality. 

Friesen’s Standard Duty Containers are designed to be economical yet tough enough to withstand many years of use. These containers are being used to haul residential, commercial, and construction/remodeling waste. An excellent, versatile option for your lighter duty needs. We also offer Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, and Custom options. 

Friesen’s fabricates rectangular containers to standard specs or to your custom specifications.

Standard lengths vary between 10’ - 22’ and 10yd – 40yd. (Larger custom containers available.)

Recycling containers come in varying sizes and configurations. At Friesen’s Welding, our recycling containers are designed to work for you. They come suited to your needs to simplify the hauling, loading and unloading of recycled material.

They typically are constructed as a light duty roll-off. They are designed with plastic sliding or flip-over doors mounted on an “A” or “Hip” shaped roof. Dividers are placed inside the container to allow for the safe and secure deposit and hauling of various materials. Recycling containers are used for lighter garbage--cardboard, newspaper, plastic, glass and metal in separate compartments, or co-mingled.

Recycling containers vary in length from 10’-22’, or from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Larger sizes are available.

FWM can provide containers in Standard, Medium and Heavy Duty configurations. The sizes we offer range from 10 - 50 cubic yards. Lift options include cable hook-up, hook-lift or combo (cable hook-up and hook-lift).

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